why chord boss?

Have you ever wanted to play the guitar but didn’t have the time or think you could learn as you grew up? Perhaps you found lessons too expensive and time consuming.

Maybe you played the guitar as a kid, put it down and never picked it up again, always regretting that decision? Are you a parent who wants to get a child interested in an instrument they can enjoy for the rest of their lives?

Well, there’s one solution to all of the above …the patented Chord Boss™!!!

Whether you are 8 or 80, Chord Boss™ will have you playing guitar in less than two hours!
Chord Boss™ is a simple, easy to use one-piece tool that connects to your guitar allowing you to play the most popular chords to your favorite songs by simply and easily moving a single tool up and down the guitar neck!

Even if you have lost partial or full use of your fingers or your sense of touch, Chord Boss™ lets you return to the guitar fretboard and play the music you love again.


about us.

Chord Boss™ was created, and patented by Barry Davis, a talented guitarist and decorated Navy Captain and commercial Master Sea Captain who had lost the full use of his fingers, but not his passion to play. In a flash of insight, he visualized a tool that could help him return to the fretboard and play the music he loves. With single-minded dedication, he took to his garage and started prototyping the tool that would eventually become known as Chord Boss™.

After years of trial and error, and with the help of his friend Ken Leonard, a classically trained guitar instructor, studio engineer and professional musician, they eventually perfected the tool that allowed him to play chords up and down the guitar neck with the ease he once enjoyed.

That’s when the second light bulb went off. If Chord Boss could help someone physically challenged play guitar, it could help anyone experience the joy of making music. Since then, the mission has been to introduce Chord Boss to the world, believing that if anyone who wanted to play guitar, could play guitar, the world would be an even better place.

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