Say hello to Chord Boss™.

Chord Boss makes it easy to start fast and stay inspired.



PLACE Chord Boss on the guitar neck between two frets.

PRESS down firmly with your fretting hand.

PLAY by strumming the strings with your other hand.


With Chord Boss, you can play over 24 major and minor barre-style

chords up and down the guitar neck—starting now.


Chord Power

The barre chord is the most versatile chord form, one that allows

you to play chords up and down the guitar neck. It’s also the most

challenging form to play. Until now. Chord Boss makes it effortless

to play barre-style chords, unlocking numerous songs.


Never played? No problem.

Chord Boss is perfect for players who have yet to develop the finger

strength, dexterity and reach required to play chords.


Built with care in the USA

Chord Boss is sturdy and precise yet gentle on fingers and fretboards.


Chord Boss. Play today.

Chord Boss™

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